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Meet Will, Class of 2008!

Meet Will Edgecombe, a 2008 graduate of Child’s Voice. Here is Will’s story, in his own words… “I am 11 1/2 years old. I attend Peacock Junior High in Itasca and I am in 6th grade. I am on the high honor roll at school for the first quarter. I really like being in junior […]

Meet Jamie, Class of 2013

Jamie joined Child’s Voice when she was just over a year old. She was diagnosed at birth with a severe to profound hearing loss and began wearing hearing aids. At 15 months old, Jamie received her first implant and her second at the age of 3. The Wenger family heard about Child’s Voice from two […]

Meet Haley, Class of 2003

Meet Haley Drucker, our shining star! Haley is currently 17 years old and a junior at Prospect High School. She was diagnosed with hearing loss at birth. Like many families, Haley’s parents began working to help her gain access to sound. She started wearing hearing aids, but that didn’t offer any assistance. At 18 months […]

Meet Christopher, Class of 2007

Meet Christopher, a graduate of the Class of 2007. Today, Christopher is in the 7th grade at McClure Junior High School. Prior to the required newborn hearing screenings, many babies were tested in their pediatrician’s offices. Although he was tested, he was not diagnosed with a hearing loss until he was nearly two. He began […]

Beginning the Year & Other Updates

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! To begin our year, we look at each student and their room assignment. One of the things that is so unique about Child’s Voice is our ability to group and regroup children as ‘tightly’ as possible. We look at the student’s age, then their language level, and move deeper […]

Meet Marne Sullivan, a shining star! Here’s her story, in her own words…

“Hi! My name is Marne Sullivan. I will be starting 7th grade at Wilmette Junior High School in the fall. I started Child’s Voice in June of 2005. I was a student at Child’s Voice for 3 years and began 2nd grade back in Wilmette. My parents found out I had Auditory Neuropathy when I […]

Tricks to Sell Absolutely Anything

More often than you may realize, you spend a big chunk of your day selling. Beyond selling products and services to customers, selling may include pitching your ideas to your bosses and coworkers…convincing your spouse, children and or other relatives and friends that your advice is sound…persuading a prospective employer to hire you…even coaxing a […]

Congratulations to all our graduates as they begin their summer!

Recent graduates, Rayan Chatterjee, Class of 2010 and Naomi Bulpitt, Class of 2007, shared their stories at the Child’s Voice Annual Golf Tournament. To see a video of Rayan’s speech (thanks to his Mom & Dad), please visit the Child’s Voice You Tube Page, CLICK HERE. Thank you to both Rayan and Naomi for sharing […]

Alumni Success Story, Meet Aayan Zabir Adnan!

Alumni Success Story, Meet Aayan Zabir Adnan! Aayan attended Child’s Voice from 2008-2010, until his family relocated to Dallas, Texas. He is currently in the first grade at Harmony Science Academy (HSA) and was recently selected for the gifted and talented program! Aayan was born with a hearing loss in both ears. After trying hearing […]