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Meet Dara Sanders, a shining voice!

This time of year our alumni are very busy, and celebrating many successes. One such alumna, Dara is very excited this season as she signed her National Letter of Intent to play softball. Dara is a 2004 graduate of Child’s Voice School Program. Congratulations Dara! In November, Dara signed her NIL for Lewis University. Today, […]

Alumni Success Story, Brady & Everett’s Story

Alumni Success Story   We read aloud to Brady when he was in the womb.  He was our first child, and like most parents, we were eager to maximize his development as early as possible.  After all, that’s what the baby books said to do. We would later discover one thing that we just couldn’t […]

Singing Aids Preemies

Singing is so Important! You may be aware of Mrs. Jeanette’s article on the use of songs for instructional purposes. Not only do songs aid in retention and memory recall, they simply are fun. Now there is research that supports the health benefits of songs, especially for preemies. According to a new study by Shmuel […]

Alumni Success Story, Meet Hayden Lund

Alumni Success Story Hi I’m Hayden Lund. I’m ten years old and I was born deaf. I was also born with beautiful blue eyes which are a big hit with the ladies.I am currently a fifth grader at Lincoln Elementary School in St. Charles.. but my first and favorite school is Child’s Voice. I graduated […]

How to Talk to Your Dog

We love Toby If you visit Child’s Voice during the summer months—when school is on break, you may be greeted at the door by TOBY, my golden retriever. She loves sleeping in my office all day but she also likes taking occasional breaks to smell the grass outside. While reading the Sunday paper I came […]

Alumni Success Story, Meet Clara Lynk!

Alumni Success Story Meet Clara, one of our shining stars! Clara is a 2007 graduate of Child’s Voice. Here is Clara’s story in her own words… “I am 13 years old and going into eighth grade. I love school, cheerleading, and sports, including basketball, volleyball, dodgeball and tennis. I play the piano and have been taking […]

Alumni Success Story, Meet Lauren Bagby!

Meet Lauren, a Class of 2009 graduate of Child’s Voice. Lauren is currently in the 7th grade at Twin Groves Middle School in Buffalo Grove. “Childs Voice has made a big difference in my life. I learned how to talk, and be confident and advocate for myself. Here’s my story… “My hearing loss was discovered […]

Who Does Your Toddler Obey

At Child’s Voice we jokingly say ‘Be careful there’s something in the water’ meaning if you drink it you may end up pregnant. The Child’s Voice family has indeed grown, from within. We have celebrated the arrival of 5 children in the past 18 months and still have another 5 staff members to join this […]

Children with Hearing Loss | Child’s Voice | 2014

Mrs. Jeanette has written an article entitled “My Story, My Song” that will appear in the July/August issue of Volta Voices, a professional journal for anyone who believes in oral education for children with hearing loss. This article is about the importance of song and how anyone can incorporate it into their everyday lives. This […]

The Positives of the Negatives

Happy People At Child’s Voice we focus on positive reinforcement, saying, “Please walk,” not, “Don’t Run!” “Please keep your hands to yourself,” instead of, “Don’t touch.” With all this talk of the positives, I’m going to flip things around and talk about the opposite – the positive OF the negatives—the Don’ts. Dr. Dan Baker, co-author […]