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A Hearing Loss Podcast – Episode 2 Notes

Our second Child’s Voice Podcast was released on September 12, 2018.  To listen to the podcast, please Click Here. Episode 2 –  Show Notes On today’s episode of All Ears at Child’s Voice: A Hearing Loss Podcast, Tatum and Jessica interviewed Dawn and Megan on the topic of cochlear implants. Here are some of the takeaways: […]

A Child’s Voice Podcast – Episode #2

Child’s Voice Podcast – Coming September 12! Episode 2: Cochlear Implants, Professional Perspective In this week’s episode, we invite two guests to join us in our discussion of cochlear implants: Dr. Dawn Violetto and Dr. Megan Wernsman. Dawn and Megan are audiologists at Child’s Voice and in this week’s episode, they share their expertise about […]