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Happy Halloween from Dr. Michele

Dr. Michele shares the latest from Child's Voice.

Happy Halloween! Here is the latest from Dr. Michele! Links to the reports that Dr. Michele shared: FY2018 Childs Voice Impact Report or here to see past Impact Reports, Child’s Voice Strategic Plan 2019-2021.

Make Memories This Summer

Going Home Just a few weeks ago my family traveled back to Texas. This really was much more than a vacation. Before moving to the Chicago area from St. Louis, my husband and I lived in a small town in Texas for many years. We shared many firsts in Texas: our first starter, our first […]

Plan Your Work and Work Your Plan

What an exciting time of year! School is back in full swing. Early Intervention infants, toddlers and parents are busy in lessons. Dr. Dawn and Dr. Megan are busy in the Audiology Center. All the students are here, “bright-eyed and bushy-tailed,” ready and eager to learn! One reason Child’s Voice is so successful is we […]

Singing Aids Preemies

Singing is so Important! You may be aware of Mrs. Jeanette’s article on the use of songs for instructional purposes. Not only do songs aid in retention and memory recall, they simply are fun. Now there is research that supports the health benefits of songs, especially for preemies. According to a new study by Shmuel […]

Beginning the Year & Other Updates

Welcome to the 2013-2014 school year! To begin our year, we look at each student and their room assignment. One of the things that is so unique about Child’s Voice is our ability to group and regroup children as ‘tightly’ as possible. We look at the student’s age, then their language level, and move deeper […]

Tricks to Sell Absolutely Anything

More often than you may realize, you spend a big chunk of your day selling. Beyond selling products and services to customers, selling may include pitching your ideas to your bosses and coworkers…convincing your spouse, children and or other relatives and friends that your advice is sound…persuading a prospective employer to hire you…even coaxing a […]