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Child’s Voice kicks off fundraiser to celebrate Earth Day

We Need Your Help! Child’s Voice FUNDrive starts Monday, April 23rd We are excited to kick off a special FUNDrive with our School Program.  From Monday, April 23rd thru Thursday, May 3rd, Child’s Voice will be collecting clothing or other soft good items that will be donate to others less fortunate.  We thought this was […]

Child’s Voice staff and families enjoy “Read Around Town” event

CHILD’S VOICE STUDENTS ON THE ROAD TO READING On Saturday, the Child’s Voice Read Around Town Program hosted dozens of parents and children for the “Road to Reading” literacy workshop. This event featured four pit stops for families to learn about different reading components. The pit stops focused on reading strategies, comprehension, sight words, phonics, […]

Book Sorters Needed

Book Sort Volunteers Needed! A message from our friends at CHOICES for Parents Mark April 26th on your calendar and plan to join us in Hodgkins, IL (near 294/55) to sort though 1000’s of books.  With your help, these books keep the READ Day Program running and growing every year.  And now we’ve expanded to the […]

Lovin’ Literacy – Building Comprehension

Child's Voice student reading with their parent

Children learn to read through reading sight words and learning to decode the sounds in each word.  Then they have to learn to comprehend what they’ve read.  Reading comprehension can be a challenge for students with a hearing loss due to vocabulary and language delays. One way parents can work on reading comprehension at home […]

Lovin’ Literacy – Tips on Decoding for Early Readers

Reading is a process, and once students have the knowledge of letters and letter sounds, they can start to decode on their own.  When your child is reading independently, it is important for them to have a process for sounding out “tricky words”.  Here are some strategies you can practice at home: Start to say […]

Books make great holiday gifts!

The holidays are quickly approaching and it is time to think about gift giving.  Books make great gifts for children of all ages.  You could choose books about the holidays or your child’s favorite character.  Books are a wonderful way to develop your child’s vocabulary, language and world knowledge. What should you look for in […]

Lovin’ Literacy – Are you asking the right questions?

Are you asking the right questions when reading with your child?  Good readers are active readers.  As you move from ‘learning to read’ into ‘reading to learn’,  make sure you understand the meaning of the text. It is important to ask questions before, during and after reading.  Here are some examples of questions you can ask in […]

A Love for Reading

When I was younger my mother worked in our local library. She was an avid reader and passed the love of books and reading on to me and my siblings. In fact my brother majored in English Literature in college. In any case, my mother would bring home used books from the library’s book sale. […]

Lovin’ Literacy – October 2015

Lovin Literacy Holidays are right around the corner, and for many that means a lot of family travel. From Scholastic Parents, here is a useful article: Six Books About Plane Travel, Plus Tips for a Smooth Ride. This site is often a great resource for literacy and children.

Lovin’ Literacy – March 2015

Fun Ways to Incorporate Sight Words Make an extra set of cards and play memory. Hang up two sight words and race your child across the room to read the sight word in “your lane”. Go on a Sight Word Scavenger Hunt by hiding the flashcards around the house. Play Sight Word War-each play turns […]